Is Air Frying Healthy? Debunking Myths and Facts

In the past few years, air-frying has become very popular, especially among people who are health conscious. Despite its popularity, air frying’s health benefits are still up for debate. On the one hand, some say it’s not as healthy as it sounds, while on the other, some say it’s a healthier way to cook.

So, Is air frying healthy? Yes, Air frying is a healthier alternative compared to conventional cooking techniques like deep frying as it requires less oil, resulting in lower calorie intake and reduced fat content in foods.

baked sweet potato in air fryer
Air-fried baked sweet potato

Comparing Air-Fried Food with Conventional Methods of Cooking

The results of several scientific studies looking at the nutritional value of food that has been air-fried are encouraging. Research published in the Journal of Food Science says that air frying uses a lot less oil and calories without changing the taste or texture. [1]

Studies have shown that air frying can cut oil usage by as much as 80% compared to traditional deep-frying methods. [2] As less oil is used in the air fryer, the food may have fewer calories and be a better option for those watching their weight.

Another study revealed that air-fried sweet potato chips were a better choice for diabetics since they had a lower glycemic index than their deep-fried counterparts. [3]

healthy air fried potato
Air fried potato

Air Fried Food Vs Deep Fried

When food is deep fried, it is cooked in hot oil until it is crispy and tasty; however, this cooking method results in a lot of extra calories and fat. People who eat deep-fried foods often are more likely to be overweight, have heart disease, or develop type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, when starchy meals are cooked at high temperatures, the carcinogenic chemical acrylamide can form. [4] However, air-fried foods typically have much lower concentrations of acrylamide. [5]

A different study says that air-frying is better than deep-frying because it makes fewer polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which could cause cancer. [6]

When you deep fry, harmful chemicals can form, such as acrylamide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and advanced glycation end products (AGEs). There is evidence that these substances can hurt your health, like making you more likely to get cancer or causing inflammation. Air frying can be a healthier alternative because it reduces the amount of harmful chemicals. However, it is still important to think about the type of oil and how long you cook the food for the best results. [7]

According to studies, the amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in air-fried food are comparable to those in deep-fried food. [9]

Also, air frying produces less smoke and odor than deep frying, which is a better and safer option for cooking at home. If you’re looking to avoid a large clean-up after cooking, air frying is a better option than traditional deep frying. [8]

Air Fryer Vs Oven

Video compares air fryer with oven.

Air frying is generally preferred over oven baking because more of the food’s nutrients are preserved. This is because air frying, which makes use of hot air to cook food quickly while preventing the loss of nutrients, requires less time and lower temperatures than oven baking.
The time required to preheat an air fryer is comparatively less compared to an oven and hence, it makes sense to prefer an air fryer over an oven for busy cooks.

However, as air fryers often have smaller capacities, oven baking may be preferred if you need to prepare a large quantity of food at once.

When you air fry or bake something in the oven, the texture and taste might be different. Food that is baked in the oven is usually softer and less crispy than air-fried food, which makes tasty food that is crispy and tastes like it was deep-fried. Oven baking may be the best option for certain dishes, such as bread and cakes.

Several scholarly studies have compared the health effects of air frying and baking. One study found that air frying reduced the lipid content of chicken nuggets compared to oven baking, and another found that the antioxidant content of sweet potato fries was maintained during air frying. [11]

These points prove that air frying is healthy

Eight Reasons That Prove Why Air Frying is Healthier

1. Using air fryer reduces fat in your food by significant amount

Since air-frying requires little or no oil, the amount of fat in your food is greatly reduced. For example, a traditional fried chicken breast has about 30 grams of fat, while an air-fried chicken breast has only about 4 grams of fat.

2. Air Fried have way less calories compared to deep fried

Reduced Calories: Air-frying can also help you eat fewer calories overall. For example, French fries cooked in the air have up to 70% fewer calories than French fries cooked in oil.

3. Less loss of nutrition

Nutrients Stay in Food: Since air-frying doesn’t take as long as other cooking methods, the food’s nutrients stay in. For example, vegetables that are air-fried keep their vitamins and minerals.

4. With air fryer you don’t have to compromise on crispiness of food

air fried crispy sweet potato

Air-frying can make food as crispy as deep-frying but without extra calories and fat. For example, an air-fried chicken wing can be just as crispy as a deep-fried chicken wing.

5. And you can still cook wide variety of food

Air frying can be used to cook a wide range of foods, from meats and vegetables to sweets. For example, donuts that are fried in the air can taste just as good as donuts that are fried in oil.

Some of our wide range of air fried food are: Japanese sweet potato, whole tilapia, green beans.

6. There is reduced risk of disease

Air frying can help reduce the risk of diseases like heart disease and diabetes that are caused by eating too much fat and oil.

7. Reduced Risk of Cancer

Air-frying can help lower the risk of cancer because it doesn’t produce harmful compounds like deep-frying does.

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8. And guess What, it is easy to clean air fryer

Air fryers are easy to clean, which can save you time and trouble in the kitchen. For example, air fryers often have removable, dishwasher-safe parts.

Video explaining if air frying is healthy or not?

Now that we got an answer to question, is air frying healthy? Let’s explore some healthy practices to follow while using air fryer.

Five Healthy Practices to Follow While Using Air Fryer

This video explains things you shouldn’t cook in air fryer.

1. Always clean the air fryer after each time you cook something

This prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and pathogens, which can cause foodborne illnesses. Furthermore, the accumulation of food particles and grease can impair the performance of the air fryer and cause smoke and unpleasant odors during cooking.

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2. Don’t use plastic or a paper plate instead use aluminum foil or parchment paper

Air fryers operate at high temperatures (around 400 °F) which can melt the plastic plate and can lead to damage to the food or even catch fire.

Also, avoid using Wax paper in air fryer

3. Use the right kind of oil – Not all types of oil are good for air fryer

Some olive oils, such as extra-light olive oil, can be used in an air fryer because they have a higher smoke point in the range of 465-470°F, whereas others, such as extra virgin olive oil, have a lower smoke point of 374°F, which is lower than the air fryer’s operating temperature and thus not recommended for use in an air fryer. You can also use vegetable oil or canola oil.

For a complete guide to choosing the right kind of oil, Check:

4. Never boil water in the air fryer

When you add water to an air fryer, the quick release of steam from the hot interior can cause hot oil or fat to spray out, potentially burning you. It may also cause the air fryer to malfunction and cause internal components to be damaged.

For more info, Check:

Can you put water in an air fryer?

5. Don’t cook acidic food in an air fryer

Acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, and vinegar should not be cooked in an air fryer. The acidic nature of these foods can react with the air fryer basket’s nonstick coating, causing it to peel off and expose the metal underneath. Furthermore, the high heat of the air fryer can cause the acid in the food to break down, resulting in an unpleasant sour taste and mushy texture. When cooking acidic foods, it is best to use other cooking methods such as baking or grilling to avoid damage to the appliance and to ensure the best taste and texture of your food.

Also, you will be happy to know that you can maximize energy efficiency using the air fryer.

Safety Concerns related to air fryer

There are some precautions you should take before using an air fryer.

Using an Air Fryer Safely

It’s crucial to thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instructions before using an air fryer if you want to do it properly. Following is some general safety advice:


The health benefits of air frying have contributed to its popularity. By moving hot air around the food, air-frying reduces calories and fat while maintaining taste and texture. Frying produces less acrylamide than deep-frying. If done right, air-frying is safe.

The nutritional value of air-fried food has been questioned because studies have shown that it can retain more nutrients than deep-fried food. Air-frying allows people to enjoy their favorite foods without sacrificing their health.

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  2. Quick and Easy Air Fryer Frozen Salmon Recipe

FAQs related to Health Concern of Air Fryer

Is the Sokany air fryer good?

Sokany air fryers are renowned for being inexpensive and functional in the kitchen. However, depending on the model and usage, their effectiveness and longevity may differ. When buying an air fryer, it’s important to look at the reviews, features, and specs of the product. Following the manufacturer’s directions is also advised for safe and effective use.

Is air-frying food healthy for heart?

Due to the usage of additional fats and oils, air frying is regarded as a heart-healthy cooking technique. But the diet as a whole, food selections, and portion sizes all affect how healthy fried food is. It is beneficial for heart health to eat a balanced, varied diet with few processed foods, added sweets, and high-sodium foods.

Is Actifry healthy?

The Actifry brand of air fryers uses a unique technique to cook meals with the least amount of oil. The addition of high-fat and high-calorie items like cheese, butter, or cream can negate the health benefits of air frying. Although it uses fewer additional fats and oils, it is recognized as a healthy method of cooking. Yet, the diet as a whole and the ingredients used to make the food determine how healthy it food. The addition of high-fat and high-calorie items like cheese, butter, or cream can negate the health benefits of air frying.

Is air-frying a healthy way to cook?

In comparison to deep frying, air frying is thought to be healthier because it consumes less oil and produces fewer toxic byproducts like acrylamide. But, the diet as a whole, food selections, and portion sizes all affect how healthy fried food is. Eating a balanced, varied diet with few processed, added sweets and high-sodium foods can improve your health as a whole.

Is air-frying good for cholesterol?

Air-frying can be part of a diet to lower cholesterol because it uses less extra fats and oils, which can raise cholesterol levels. Food selection, portion size, and general diet all affect how healthy fried food is. A balanced, varied diet low in processed foods, added sugars and high-sodium items can help to lower cholesterol levels.

Is air frying more healthy than deep frying?

Because air frying uses fewer additional fats and oils and produces fewer hazardous substances like acrylamide than deep frying, it is seen as a healthier alternative. Food selections, portion sizes, and a person’s overall diet all affect how healthy fried food is. One way to improve general health is to eat a varied, well-balanced diet with few processed foods, added sugars, and high-sodium foods.

Does air-frying have any negative health effects?

When compared to more traditional ways of frying, like deep frying, air frying is less harmful to your health. However, there are still some possible safety issues with air frying, such as the production of acrylamide and the release of dangerous chemicals from some air fryers’ non-stick coatings.

How does air frying compare to traditional frying methods in terms of health?

In comparison to conventional frying techniques like deep frying, air frying is typically thought to be healthier. This is because air-frying drastically reduces the number of calories and fat in meals by cooking them with hot air instead of oil.

Is air-fried food considered healthy?

Air-fried food has less fat and calories than food that has been traditionally fried, making it healthier. The type of food being cooked and the method of preparation also affect the overall healthiness of air-fried food.

Is air frying a healthier way of cooking compared to other methods?

In comparison to other cooking techniques like deep frying or pan frying, air frying requires less oil, which lowers the food’s calorie and fat content. Yet, since they don’t call for additional oil, baking or grilling in the oven might be even healthier choices.

Can air frying cause cancer or other health problems?

There is little proof to support claims that air frying can lead to cancer or other health issues. However, significant safety issues with air frying have been noted, including the production of acrylamide and the leakage of dangerous chemicals from some air fryers’ non-stick coatings.

Is air frying safe for everyday use?

When properly used and by safety precautions and instructions, air frying is generally considered to be safe for everyday usage. However, there are a few safety issues with air frying that should be taken into account, including the possibility of burns, the development of acrylamide, and the discharge of dangerous chemicals from some air fryers’ non-stick coatings.

Is air frying good for weight loss and weight management?

Because air frying greatly reduces the number of calories and fat in the food being cooked, it can be a suitable alternative for weight reduction and weight control. It is crucial to keep in mind, though, that the type of food being prepared and the technique of preparation also affect how healthy the food is overall.

Is air frying good for lowering cholesterol levels?

Because air frying uses less oil than traditional frying, the amount of saturated and trans fats in the food is also reduced. This means that air frying can be an excellent alternative for lowering cholesterol levels. However, the sort of food being prepared, and the method of preparation also affect how healthy the dish is overall.

Does air frying affect the nutritional value of food?

Comparing air frying to other cooking techniques, the nutritional content of food is not greatly impacted. Yet, the temperature and cooking time of some foods may change their vitamin and mineral content.

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