Can you put water in an Air Fryer?

No, you shouldn’t put water in the air fryer. Depending on the model, some air fryers can withstand a little water while others can’t. When cooking fatty meals in an air fryer, adding a tablespoon of water might have advantages like reducing smoke.

I have been using air fryers for years, and I have questions like, “Can I put water in the air fryers?” And do air fryers cause cancer? always played around in my brain. After doing lots of web searches and from my experience, I have continued to write about general concerns about air fryers, some of which are:

In all of the articles above, I did a lot of research and used scientific research to back up what I said. I would advise you to go through them so that you have a deep understanding of how you would handle your air fryer in the best possible way for healthy living.

Now, if you are thinking about whether you should or shouldn’t put water in the air fryer, the first thing to know is:

What Can Happen If You Add Water to an Air Fryer?

When you add water to an air fryer, the fast release of steam from the hot interior can cause hot oil or fat to spray out and possibly burn you. It may also cause the air fryer to malfunction and damage its internal components.

In this video, someone experimented boiling water in air fryer which is not safe. Do not do this.

However, if your recipe demands it, you can use a very small quantity of oil or cooking spray, or you can add a few tablespoons of water to the bottom of the air fryer. This will impart moisture to your food as it cooks.

When should I use water in an air fryer? When should I add water to an air fryer?

Direct water addition to the air fryer is not advised. As was already noted, adding water to an air fryer’s heated interior might quickly release steam, endangering users with burns or harming the equipment itself.

There are safer options if you want to add moisture to your food as it cooks in an air fryer. For instance, you can:

It’s critical to keep in mind that the purpose of using an air fryer is to cook food with a crispy outside, so adding water is not necessary. Consider buying an air fryer that includes a steaming basket or tray if you want to steam food.

3. How much water can I use in an air fryer?

Water in an air fryer is not usually recommended, but in some cases, it can be used in small amounts (no more than a few teaspoons). For example, when cooking certain foods, such as chicken, a tablespoon of water added to the bottom of the basket can help create steam and keep the chicken moist while cooking.

Remember, instead of placing water directly on the heating element, the air fryer basket should have water in its bottom. This tiny amount of water will produce steam, which will keep your food fresh.

What Should You Do if Too Much Water Was Added to Your Air Fryer?

Here’s what to do if you overfill your air fryer with water:

Can I clean my air fryer with water?

Yes, you can clean your air fryer with water, but there are some precautions you should take to avoid breaking the equipment. The following methods will assist you in cleaning your air fryer:

Can you boil water in an air fryer?

No, boiling water in an air fryer is not advised. The purpose of an air fryer is to cook and roast food, not to boil liquids. The hot oil or grease inside an air fryer could splatter and burn you if you attempt to boil water in one. The sudden release of steam could also harm equipment. An air fryer is not a reliable way to boil water since its high heat may not be enough to bring the water to a boil.


Use a conventional technique, like a stovetop pot or a kettle, to boil water if you need to. These techniques are far more efficient and were created with boiling liquids in mind.

Can an air fryer be broken or damaged if it comes in contact with water?

Yes, an air fryer may shatter or become damaged if too much water is added to it. When you add water to an air fryer, the steam can come out quickly. This can cause the hot oil or grease inside to splatter. Burns could happen, and the heating element, fan, and other parts inside the air fryer could also be hurt.

Also, if the water in the bottom of the air fryer basket is not in the right place, it could touch the heating element and cause it to short out. This may also cause other problems.

If you want to add moisture to your meal, think about adding a bit of oil or cooking spray, cooking naturally moist items, or wrapping the food in foil or parchment paper.

Can You Steam Food in an Air Fryer?

To begin, you must determine whether you can steam food in all types of air fryers. First, you must determine whether you can steam food in all types of air fryers. The answer is no.

Not all air fryers are designed to steam food. However, some models may include a steam basket or the ability to add water to the cooking chamber to generate steam. To find out if your air fryer can also be used to steam, read the user manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

People think that steaming is the best way to cook with an air fryer because it makes food soft and juicy and keeps the flavors and nutrients.

To steam food inside the air fryer basket,

Note: To prevent overheating or other problems with the air fryer, it’s critical to keep a constant eye on the water levels in the appliance and to refill the water as necessary.

What Other Liquids Should Not Be Used Inside an Air Fryer?

Other than water, the following liquids shouldn’t be used in an air fryer:

How Does Adding Water Help in an Air Fryer?

There are various benefits to adding water to an air fryer:

How do you add water to an air fryer?

Reminder: Only add water to the air fryer that allows it.

Adding water to an air fryer is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps:

Note: It’s important to check the air fryer’s water level often and add more water as needed to make sure there’s always enough moisture to keep the food from drying out or burning.

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