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Japanese Sweet Potato Benefits

Japanese sweet potatoes are becoming increasingly popular due to their health benefits and distinctive features. These vivid tubers, noted for their purple or crimson surface and creamy flesh, are full of nutrients that can improve your health. Japanese sweet potatoes are a tasty and healthy way to add vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to your diet. Unlock Japanese sweet potatoes’ health benefits and be amazed and eager to add them to your meals.

Nutrition in Japanese Sweet Potato

Nutrition in per 114 g (medium sized Japanese Sweet Potato [1]

Nutrition Facts of Japanese Sweet Potato
Serving Size: 1 medium (2″ dia, 5″ long, raw) – (114 grams)
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat0.2 grams
Cholesterol0 milligrams
Sodium41 milligrams
Total Carbohydrates24 grams
Dietary Fiber3.8 grams
Sugars7.4 grams
Protein2.3 grams
Vitamin D0 micrograms
Calcium43 milligrams
Iron0.8 milligrams
Potassium541.5 milligrams
Caffeine0 milligrams
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.
Table 1: Nutritional Profile of Japanese Sweet Potato

Vitamins and antioxidants in per 200 g of Japanese Sweet Potato [2]

  • Thiamine: 0.22 milligram
  • Riboflavin: 0.06 milligram
  • Niacin: 1.6 milligrams
  • Vitamin B6: 0.56 milligram
  • Folate: 98 micrograms
  • Pantothenic acid: 1.92 milligrams
  • Biotin: 8 milligrams
  • Vitamin C​: 58 milligrams
  • ​Vitamin E​: 3.2 milligrams

Minerals in Japanese Sweet Potato [2]

Table 2: Minerals in Japanese sweet potato per 200g

Antioxidants in Japanese Sweet Potato have Important Antioxidants that can Protect Against Heart Disease, Cancer and Boost Immune System

Japanese sweet potatoes are not only delicious, but they are also full of antioxidants and other substances that are good for your health and well-being as a whole.

The purple color of Japanese sweet potatoes comes from the pigments called anthocyanins. [4, 11] Researchers have found that these powerful antioxidants can help reduce inflammation and protect against chronic diseases like heart disease and some types of cancer. Studies show that anthocyanins might help lower blood pressure, improve the way blood vessels work, and boost the body’s antioxidant defenses. [5]

Beta-carotene, which is found in Japanese sweet potatoes, is another powerful antioxidant that helps the body make vitamin A. [6, 11] Beta-carotene is very important for getting rid of harmful free radicals, which can damage cells and make it easier for people to get chronic illnesses. Beta-carotene-rich foods, like Japanese sweet potatoes, may help keep skin healthy, improve eyesight, boost the immune system, and lower the chance of some cancers. [7]

Vitamin C, which is a well-known antioxidant, is also found in great amounts in Japanese sweet potatoes. [8, 11] Vitamin C is an important part of how body cells grow, change, and heal. It is a key part of the process of making collagen, which is important for good skin, bones, and blood vessels. [9] Vitamin C also helps the immune system work better and is a strong antioxidant that protects cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Japanese Sweet Potato Promotes Digestive Health

In addition to being healthy, Japanese sweet potatoes are good for your gut health because they have a lot of fiber. [10] Dietary fiber is very important for keeping your bowels moving regularly and preventing constipation.

Also, Japanese sweet potatoes have prebiotic qualities, which means that they feed the good bacteria in your gut. [11] These bacteria help keep the gut microbiome healthy, which is important for digestion, absorption of nutrients, and immune function.

Japanese Sweet can Help Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Japanese sweet potatoes are a good addition to a healthy diet, especially for people who want to keep their blood sugar levels normal. These tubers have a low glycemic index (GI), which means that they raise blood sugar more slowly than foods with a high GI. [12]

High in fiber and complex carbs slows sugar digestion and absorption. This slows glucose release, preventing blood sugar spikes.

Japanese sweet potatoes have a lot of fiber, which helps control blood sugar, makes you feel full, and helps you keep your weight in check. When fiber is eaten, it adds bulk to the diet, making a person feel full and making it less likely that they will overeat or snack on high-sugar foods.

Studies have shown that adding Japanese sweet potatoes to a plan for managing diabetes may help keep blood sugar under control. [13]

It’s important to remember that Japanese sweet potatoes can help control blood sugar, but you should still watch how many carbs you eat and work with a doctor if you have diabetes or any other blood sugar-related disease.

Japanese Sweet Potato Supports Heart Health

Japanese sweet potatoes are a great addition to a heart-healthy diet because they are good for the heart in many ways.

Potassium, an important element that is found in large amounts in Japanese sweet potatoes, is a key part of keeping your heart healthy. [14] This mineral helps keep blood pressure in check by balancing out the effects of salt and making blood vessels wider. Potassium keeps blood pressure at a healthy level, which makes the cardiovascular system less stressed and lowers the chance of heart diseases like hypertension, stroke, and heart attacks.

Japanese sweet potatoes are also good for your heart because they have a lot of fiber in them. Dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber, helps lower cholesterol levels by binding to cholesterol particles in the digestive system and stopping them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. [15]

Even though Japanese sweet potatoes can be good for your heart, they should only be eaten as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet and lifestyle. Getting regular exercise, eating less salt, and not smoking are also important ways to keep your heart healthy.

Japanese Sweet Potato can also be useful for Weight Management

Keeping a healthy weight is important for your health as a whole, and Japanese sweet potatoes can help you on your way to weight control. Let’s look at how these foods help you control your weight and live a healthy life.

Japanese Sweet potatoes are low in fat and calories and high in fiber. Because of this, they are a filling food that can help control hunger and keep you from eating too much. The fiber content adds bulk to the diet, which makes you feel full and less likely to snack on high-calorie, less healthy foods.

Japanese sweet potatoes also help you control your weight because they are easy to stomach, and their sugars are released slowly. Because they have a low glycemic index, they raise blood sugar levels more slowly. This keeps blood sugar from going up and down quickly, which can make you feel hungrier and make you want to eat more.

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