Can You Put Metal in Air Fryer

Air fryers have become very popular in modern homes because they are easy to use and can cook a wide range of foods. These small appliances are a healthier option to traditional deep frying. They use hot air circulation to crisp and cook food with less oil than traditional deep frying. Air fryers have become a popular kitchen tool because they can be used to make a wide range of foods, from crispy French fries to juicy chicken wings.

The short answer to the question “Can you put metal in an air fryer?” is that you can’t put all metals in an air fryer. Only those metals that are oven safe and can withstand temperature as high as 400 °F can be put in air fryer.

This article will answer a question that is often asked: Is it safe to put metal in an air fryer? As fans of the air fryer push the limits of this new way to cook, it is important to know how to keep yourself safe when using metal tools or extras in these machines. We will talk about the possible risks and dangers of putting metal appliances in an air fryer and give tips on how to use metal in a way that is safe and gets the best cooking results.

When Choosing Metal Bowl, what are the Properties of Metal You Need to Look at?

Approved Accessories: Only use metal things that are made for air fryers and have been given permission to be used in them. This includes grill pots, mesh baskets, skewers, and racks that say they are safe to use with an air fryer.

Heat Resistance: The metal item should be able to withstand high temperatures without warping, melting, or giving off harmful fumes. Look for metal tools or accessories that can handle heat and can be used up to at least 400°F (200°C) or higher, which is the temperature range most air fryers operate at.

Non-reactivity: The metal used shouldn’t mix with food in any way. Avoid using metals that could combine with acidic or alkaline ingredients and change the taste or safety of the food. Non-reactive metals that are often used are stainless steel and aluminum.

Size: Make sure the metal item fits inside the air fryer without getting in the way of the air flow. It shouldn’t touch the fryer’s hot element or get too close to the sides.

Safe Design: The metal object should be made in a way that makes it less likely that it will touch the heating element or other electrical parts by mistake. It shouldn’t have any sharp edges or points that could hurt someone or damage the air fryer.

What are the Different Metal Types That can be Used in Air Fryer?

#1 Copper

Copper metal bowl for air fryer

Can copper bowl be used in air fryer? Yes, copper metal bowl can be used in air fryer. Provided below are some scientific studies related to copper cookware:

A study was done to observe the effect of acidic and basic food on copper pots with an inner coating layer of tin and they observed that acidic food released more metals were released in case of acid food. So, it is advised not to cook acidic food in air fryer. Also, when using copper metal bowl, it is recommended to use aluminum or parchment paper.

When looking for cooper cookware choose one that has tin coating in it because uncoated copper cookware can easily react with acidic food like tomato and vinegar and can cause copperiedus (copper toxicity). [1]

The thermal conductivity of copper is 60% more than aluminic and about 3000 % more than stainless steel meaning that food can be cooked quickly in copper pan.[2]

#2 Cast Iron

cast iron pan for air fryer

Can cast iron pan be used in air fryer? Yes, you can use cast iron pan in air fryer.

Cast iron bowls are known for excellent heat retention properties and can be used for both air frying and cooking in the oven. The high heat resistivity of cast iron makes it ideal to use in air fryer and cook food in it at a temperature as high as around 400 °F. [3] However, make sure the cast iron bowl is properly seasoned so that food doesn’t stick.

#3 Stainless Steel

Can stainless steel pan be used in air fryer? Yes, you can use stainless steel pan in air fryer but make sure it is oven safe and also safe to use at least at temperature up to 400 °F.

Stainless steel bowls are a popular choice for air fryers and ovens because they are durable and can handle high temperatures. Look for bowls that say they can be used in the oven and with an air fryer. Because you will be operating at temperature up to 400 °F in air fryer, so choose only those stainless-steel bowl that are oven safe and has thermal resistivity at least higher than 400 °F.

#4 Aluminum

Can aluminum bowl be used in air fryer? Yes, you can use aluminum foil in air fryer.

Aluminum bowls are light and good at transferring heat, make it a good choice to use in air fryers. Because the melting point of aluminum is 1200 °F so the bowls made of aluminum are air fryer safe. [4]

What Kinds of Metal Should be Avoided in Air Fryer?

Non-Stick Coated Metal: You shouldn’t use Teflon or other non-stick coatings on metal utensils or tools in an air fryer. The air fryer’s high temperatures can cause the covering to give off toxic fumes or even come off and fall into the food.

Cast Iron with a Enamel Coating: Cast iron is usually a sturdy and heat-resistant material, but you shouldn’t use enamel-coated cast iron cookware in an air fryer. The enamel covering might not be able to handle the high heat and could chip or crack, which could make the food unsafe to eat.

Reactive Metals: You shouldn’t use an air fryer with metals that combine with certain foods, like acidic or alkaline ones. Copper (pure), brass, or plated metal that hasn’t been covered can react with food and make it less safe.

FAQ about Metal Safety in Air Fryer?

Can you Put plastic in an air fryer?

No, plastic materials are not recommended to use in air fryer.

Can I use a bake dish made of metal in an air fryer?

You can usually use a metal baking dish in an air fryer as long as it is safe for the oven and fits well without blocking the air flow.

How do I clean the metal parts that go with an air fryer?

To clean metal accessories, follow the directions given by the manufacturer. Most of the time, you can wash them with mild soap and warm water or put them in the machine if the package says they can go there.

Can I use baking cups made of metal in an air fryer?

Most of the time, you can use metal baking cups in an air fryer. But make sure they say on the package that they can go in the oven and can be used in an air fryer, so they don’t melt or change shape.

Is it safe to use metal tools to flip food in an air fryer while it’s cooking?

Most of the time, you can use metal tools to turn food in an air fryer. But be careful not to scratch the nonstick layer on the basket or other parts of the air fryer.

Is there a chance that using metal in an air fryer could be bad for your health?

When air fryers are used with metal that is safe for them, there are usually no major health risks. But don’t use reactive metals or tools with broken surfaces that could make food unsafe to eat.

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